Minecraft World Seeds: Island Village/Stronghold

Version 1.5.1 is out and it really does not make a difference to our worlds. Anything that was working in the previous version should still be working now. With that said, here is a great seed that is a lot of fun and I guarantee works with the current update.

This minecraft seed is called Dossier and will spawn you in a desert biome on an island. There is a village and a stronghold on the island. Another nice feature of this minecraft world is that there are a ton of islands and not just 1 huge mainland area.

Abandoned Mineshaft and Resources

[showmyads]You can find an abandoned mineshaft at X: -506 Y: 33 Z: -491. It sprawls around a bit, but its definitely worth examining. Its huge and there are a ton of resources down there so it will make it quick to get some coal ore, iron ore, redstone etc… Not a bad start.

Island Village

Hop over to the nearby island and you will find a island village. Reminds me of New Zealand. The location is X: -466 Y: 95 Z: -378. So far we have found a ton of resources in an abandoned mineshaft and a village where we can put our head up. Seems like paradise to me. But there is an even better feature in this world because it is so unique.

End Portal and Stronghold in the Ocean

Poking out of the water near the island is a single room of a stronghold at X: -533 Y: 64 Z: -826. Inside you will find a portal to the end. It seems like a bug because the rest of the stronghold is not there, its just a very conveniently located end portal.