Multi-Village Minecraft Seed

The highlight of this seed is a lot of villages in not a lot of distance, head over to the coordinates X: -30 Z:-130 and you will find  a desert village as well as a savanna village.  I also found some dungeons in the desert with some diamond horse armor nearby.  Overall this is a simple seed with the highlight being the mineraft villages.

2 towns or cities in the nearby terrain

If you want something a bit more unique, maybe try a Minecraft mesa seed.

Minecraft Seed Village: -5078770702942333886

I always like finding desert dungeons, in fact I think that the desert is the best biome just because it has villages, temples, and dungeons, which means its the easiest place to get loots. Often you can find a seed with all three of those things right in one area, and this is a good example of that, well actually I didn’t manage to find a temple yet but I know there is one out there, if you find it leave the coordinates in the comments so others can find it too.  You rock bro!

Get some horse armor near the village this one is diamond

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