New Minecraft Seed | graduatedwithnocapingown

This 1.2.5 minecraft seed is called graduatedwithnocapingown or you can use the number 860713974 which is a bit shorter.

This is a great seed for people who like a bit of a challenge, but like to have fun as well. It has a HUGE ravine, that has alot of goodies like diamonds (co-ords will be below) and alot of different biomes. I think i found a total of 20 different diamonds, but some are a bit  isolated. There are plains, which have snowy plains nearby, a jungle, a swamp, and a desert all quite close by.

Diamonds at X: 380 Y: 11 Z: -108
(Note: Don’t dig straight down, as you will land at the bottom of the ravine, and die right near lava.) Right on above ground near there, you will find a wealth of pumpkins, and a great flat where you can set up camp.

More diamonds at X: 158 Y: 6 Z: -36
Tad Isolated, but with those co-ordinates above, you can find that great ravine again.

Moorree diamond: X: 413 Y: roughly around 10 Z: -302
This is in a desert biome, and near a snow one, a nice wolf pack near by, but i only suggest this if you are desperate.

Even more diamonds at X: 386 Y: 13 Z: -427
These are found at the bottom of a ravine in the taiga, there is a little cave at the bottom and if you follow it you will find a lavalake with some diamonds in it.
Great seed, veeery long ravine, ( havent even finished it) and just overall nice. Someone might be able to post abandoned mine, village or stronhold co-ords in comments.

~ Thanks to Sutho*was*here*69 for submitting this very detailed seed writeup.  Big ups for Sutho!

~I only double checked one of his diamond locations to make sure the seed worked, and it did, so I will assume the other ones work as well.


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