Ocean Monuments an Underwater Adventure

Built out of prismarine, these underwater structures are split into sections of adventure, there are two of them in this seed both of them are near the spawn point, but you will still struggle to survive since you only start on a small island with limited resources, be careful out there its a dangerous world we live in.check out all the things to do in this underwater adventure

[showmyads]Find that treasure chamber and the glorious loots that it holds.  It’s a bit challenging to take good underwater screenshots so I apologize for the low quality of these images, you will just have to go and explore it yourself to get the a first hand perspective.Dangerous fishies underwater These underwater temples are cool

Minecraft Seed code:  -5181140359215069925

Ocean Temple 1: x:130, z:-400
Ocean Temple 2: x:-200, z:-250


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