Top 5 Pocket Edition Seeds

You love minecraft so you got the pocket edition, but now your favorite seeds don’t work, don’t fret, I have newer better seeds for you. So open up your PE minecraft and lets start typing in seed codes.  This is a top 5 list, but I’ll make it bigger and better if you have more ideas, so don’t be shy, send your MCPE seed suggestions my way, I try them all.  But if they are not fun they will not make this list…so don’t send the bad ones.

1. Like Minecraft Villages? Like Minecraft Islands? You will LOVE this PE seed!

This minecraft PE seed reminds of a small Japanese village, now I don’t expect you to know what that is, unless you are Japanese, or have been to Japan, or have watched T.V. but i’ll tell you some of those coastal fishing villages are picturesque, and I think this pocket edition seed is as well. It’s a great spawn location and a really solid way to start on an island, while its no survival scenario, I think its even more fun.

As the title suggests we have a village on an island in pocket edition, which is really a pretty cool thing when you think about it.  I had a ton of fun playing this one and I know you will to.  I didn’t explore off the island so I would love if you could give me some feedback on the other things that are in the surrounding area.

Island on minecraft PE

2. Dwarf’s Paradise, like to mine ores, this one has them all.

This pocket edition minecraft seed features almost all the ore types right near the spawn point. It’s got lapis lazuli, diamonds, coal, iron, redstone, bluestone (what’s that called again?).  Okay so you can’t see the diamond in this screenshot but there is one hanging around the corner, I just couldn’t get everything in one location. Grab your pickaxe and a basket of food and hit the mines, time to spelunk, silly dwarf.

Get mining in this minecraft seed


3. Villages, Ice Plains, Monsters, and more, Yellow Brick Road here I come.

This seed for pocket edition 0.10x (i think it works for all versions, if it doesn’t please let me know) features a great village right at the spawn, and then nearby an ice plains biome.  It’s a sinister biome to try and survive in PE, since honestly, and I know you know or you wouldn’t be reading but MCPE is way harder than minecraft for the PC….since its got way less controls…so try and survive…if you can’t you can hide out in the village, you WIMP.

Village by the spawn point in this pe seed

[showmyads]Literally, I mean literally, this is the 15th minecraft seed I have added to the site today, so you better appreciate it.  Yesterday I made 3 cents from my ads, so I will say I am not doing this for money. I’m doing it because I want to make you happy. So you better enjoy these seeds, if you don’t I’m going to pray to Notch that you never find a good seed again for the rest of your minecrafting days.

4. This ain’t no Venice, its a Waterworld Minecraft PE Village

Spawn right on the water in a village, from there you can do as you please. It’s a very rare spawn point, while villages near or partially on water are quite common, entirely coastal minecraft villages are much less common.  This one has lots of things to check out, so what are you waiting for?

THis PE seed for 0.1 spawns you near a village in the water

5. This seed is this the most classic pocket edition minecraft seed!!

This one is a classic, it is the first pocket edition seed that I added to the and was the first pocket edition seed that I ever played.  Its great, it was great when I first played it, it still is.  It’s a really simple seed, nothing crazy but really solid.  I added this one back in 2013 right when pocket edition was released, I think I was one of the first people to purchase the app, I played this seed for a bit, but I’m a true seed hunter, I love finding unique things that i’ve never seen before. The problem with this one, is its great, but its not unique, none of the features only exist here, it only stands out because it is good, its really good, but its not the best minecraft pe seed.

nyan with water fall and lava fall