seed: -6120648606982687686 minecraft

Another minecraft seed awaits you, load this one up and this is the view (if you fly straight up) that will great you at the starting point. One of these screenshots is the view ahead of you and the other is the one behind you.  For this writeup I am only going one direction, so there is a mystery the other direction, can you guess which direction will be chosen?

1.8.4 minecraft lake seed Minecraft Mountains in the distance

[showmyads]Obviously the minecraft mountain seeds are a far better choice than the pond, I can already see everything in the pond and its not very interesting, not only that but there could be something better behind the mountains, like other, bigger mountains, and that is something that I really want to see.  Below you can see that there are some snow covered mountains, and a piece of floating mountain island, but its tiny so nothing to get too excited about.

1.8 minecraft seeds with snowy mountains Rocky mountain minecraft 1.8 seed
What else can we find? I checked out the other nearby mountain range and found lava and water, as well as some horses grazing, this would be an ideal place to build a little house, you are protected from the elements by the large mountain range, and can have your back against a wall in case an onslaught of creepers come.  There are lots of animals nearby, lava, water, and a cave that burrows deep into the earth.

1.8.5 minecraft seeds

The last thing of interest that I found was this desert temple, the coordinates are X: 660 Z: -280 so use those if you want to find it. Lots of loots in the chest, I picked up some horse armor, emeralds and an enchanted book. Seed: -6120648606982687686 minecraft.

Here is a pretty good desrt with a temple and some loots


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