Seeds for Minecraft | -881714964

Seed: -881714964

You start your spawn in a large, dense jungle with not much around but pumpkins below you, but when you start searching, you see the real greatness of this seed. If you travel on a bit into the jungle, you will come to some quite mountainous terrain, and this really cool above-ground mountain crater that has a small lake in it. A great place to set up camp for the night, and better yet, dig down to find a nice cave system.
(Co-ords will be below) Also, there are plnty of different surrounding biomes, like snow and desert, all close to spawn. Underground, with the co-ords below, there is a nice skeleton dungeon that has a path leading to a abandoned mine! Even better, if you keep on following the track, you will find diamonds! I found some diamonds just digging around randomly, but with all the loot in that abandoned mine, I don’t think there is much need. As you move on to the extreme hills and mountains, you get to see what is a scenic discovery. It is absolutely wonderful.

Now to the co-ords;

Diamond: x:- -95

y: 4
z: 240
As i said, i only suggest this one if you are desperate.

Dungeon leading to abandoned mine- x: -68
y: 17
z: 191
This is where some of the adventure and fun starts. I really loved this part. The chest in the dugeon isn’t that impressive, unless you like riding pigs.

Edit: I found 6 diamonds in the caves near the dungeon at X: -26 Y: 15 Z: 197

Awesome above-ground ravine- x: 175
y: 70
z: 364

The reason there isn’t many co-ords is because part of this seed is adventure and fun. I think it is bad to ruin all of the fun by a bunch of numbers.

~thanks to Sutho*was*here69 for submitting another great seed, I decided to change the name to just the numeric version as it was a bit explicit.



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