Spiky Ice, Super Village, MCPE Seed

Okay, this is a great pe seed, there are two features that you need to look at, first is an NPC village, which is right at the spawn point, and just off in the distance is the ice plains with towers of spiky ice.  I played it in creative and I just realized the image didn’t render fully before I took it, so my apologies, if you want to see the better quality image I guess you better try it yourself, can’t expect me to do everything for you can you?  Oh you can…well I’m not going to.
Pocket edition has all the biomes including ice, ice spikes are rad


Here’s a minecraft pocket edition seed for all you PE lover’s, and here’s the thing there is a lot of you. Why? Because who doesn’t want to play on the go, the game is perfect for the subway, hanging out at a buddies house, it plays so well on android or other smart devices that it makes sense, so here’s the deal, I want to make your MCPE life better and this is how I promise to do it, play these pe seeds that I am recommending and you will have more fun, more adventures, and waste less time trying to figure them out on your own.

Best pocket edition seed name: kop

Village by the spawn point in this pe seed

Do you like pocket edition minecraft seeds?  theMinecraftMethod thinks you will like this one as well!

Here's a MCPE ice plain and village seedHappy exploring crafters, As always, let me know if you find some great stuff that I have missed, I never made it past the ice plains biome so there is probably many great things out there.

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