Minecraft PE Seeds: Surface Mineshaft and Dungeon


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Minecraft PE Seeds with a surface abandoned mineshaft and a dungeon maybe 50 blocks from the spawn point. You can actually see the surface mineshaft from where you start, just pivot 90 degrees until you are facing the mesa biome and … Continue reading

Minecraft PE Seeds, Village Spawn, Mesa and Taiga Biomes


This gallery contains 3 photos.

This is the view from the spawn point, I didn’t move a muscle before snapping this screenshot.  This is for those of you who love to have a village to start exploring right out of the starting gate. There is … Continue reading

Minecraft Mesa Seed – Martian Adventure

The Mesa biome is okay, I only included this seed because sometimes simplicity is a minecrafters best friend. This is simply a mesa biome, it looks cool, it looks red, that’s what it is.  If you are looking for something else, you should  probably try one of the other hundred seeds I have here.

Gotta loove that mesa mincrafters

Dont’ want to play around in the mesa?  How about the ocean?

It looks like mars, doesn’t it?  The red, the coloring of the different rock layers, I can imagine sending a rover around on it, scavenging for scraps of history.  There should be fossils buried in the mesa, with a treasure map and achievements for finding each of the lost and forgotten bones. But there isn’t there is just mesa and its a mess.

Just a mesa world, spawns you right in it


Minecraft Mesa Seed: 47748584

If you want to get lost, then go, if you want to stick around and explore than do it, if you want to be a hero, why not, you can, everyone can do it. Explore in the biome, in the water, don’t drown, your going to drown, you gotta explore. It’s a red red wasteland, out there, the atmosphere you can barely bare. Put on your breathing apparatus, don’t forget to pack your horseradish. I ran out of things to say about this mesa biome seed a long while back, if you are still reading this you are wasting your time, so move along friendly buddy, leave a comment if your really that bored, if you find anything fun to do on this seed let me know because I don’t know what else to say about it.

I have heard there is a temple on the seed, but I didn’t check it out, I heard the coordinates are  X 650 Y 72 Z 160 and there are some diamonds in it, also an enchanted book, the bane of arthropods IV which is a good read if you haven’t already read it. We got diamonds, we got ingots, in gold and bronze and some horse armor, not sure you’ll find out horse out there in the wasteland but if you do, good for you.

Ocean Monuments an Underwater Adventure

Built out of prismarine, these underwater structures are split into sections of adventure, there are two of them in this seed both of them are near the spawn point, but you will still struggle to survive since you only start on a small island with limited resources, be careful out there its a dangerous world we live in.check out all the things to do in this underwater adventure

Find that treasure chamber and the glorious loots that it holds.  It’s a bit challenging to take good underwater screenshots so I apologize for the low quality of these images, you will just have to go and explore it yourself to get the a first hand perspective.Dangerous fishies underwater These underwater temples are cool

Minecraft Seed code:  -5181140359215069925

Ocean Temple 1: x:130, z:-400
Ocean Temple 2: x:-200, z:-250


Frost Scorched Earth: Ice-world Minecraft Seed

It’s a cold world out there, you wake up and the chill reaches into your bones, jagged  and cold.  You hungry, alone, confused, but you need to get up, you must get up, or it will get you. You know something is out there, and it means you harm.  So wake up, get up, survive!

If its too hard, maybe you would prefer to play this easy seed, wimp :)

Difficult ice world to survive in

Ice and snow biomes are the least forgiving terrains in minecraft. This one is particularly formidable, there is little to eat, no trees, no way to survive, or is there? Test yourself and your minecraft skills on this challenging survival scenario. The ice plains biome is one of the cooler looking landscapes in the game.
Challenging ice world biome for minecraft

Seed Code: 85490543201