seed: -6120648606982687686 minecraft


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Another minecraft seed awaits you, load this one up and this is the view (if you fly straight up) that will great you at the starting point. One of these screenshots is the view ahead of you and the other … Continue reading

A Bakers Dozen of Villages and Temples

Here’s the deal, and its a good deal, there are more than 6 villages and 6 temples all within close proximity. This super village and temple minecraft 1.8 seed has so many places to explore, its also a great community seed for a server, everyone can have their own starting village.


There isn’t much more to say about it, if you want villages and temples this is the seed for you, if you don’t want those things, then why are you reading this?  I have lots of other minecraft seeds that don’t have any of that good stuff in it, like this Epic mountain and waterfall seed.Desert temple and village right next to each other

There is some diamond horse armor in the blacksmiths chest as well!Village in the meadow

Seed Name: -9065479248748140566


Desert Village 1: x -433 y 92
Desert Village 2: x -629 y -151
Desert Village 3: x -523 y -247
Village 1: x -660 y 27
Village 2: x 117 y 117
Desert Temple 1: x -501 y 91
Desert Temple 2: x -660 y -165
Desert Temple 3: x -357 y -212
Desert Temple 4: x 9 y 362

Minecraft 1.8: Diamond Armor in 1 Minute

This minecraft 1.8 seed spawns you right outside a small village, a great spot to start a little home or to get a fast start into the game.  While its barely a village and more just a little farm there is everything you need including horses, some buildings, and a desert biome as well.  Check out the picture from the spawn point, that will get your started real quick.

Minecraf 1.8 Village Seed

Seed name: 8678942899319966093

Just to the side of the village is a desert temple, thats an epic mincraft seed to get both things so quickly, and with the contents of the chests from the two locations you will be able to ride a horse within just a couple of minutes using the saddle.Spawn start temple seed for minecraft

The blacksmith in the village has a chest with a diamond horse armor in it, there is a saddle in one of the chests in the temple as well as several diamonds.  This means that within 1 minute of beginning this seed you could be riding your horse with diamond armor on it, pretty hard to get a mount that quickly in this game, especially with diamond armor rather than one of the lesser armors.

Minecraft Seed | Super Diamond Speed Run


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The seed is -1187953457 and it is full of diamonds it works for regular biomes and I played it on version 1.5.  I found 16 diamonds in less than 5 minutes and have the video to prove it. You spawn at … Continue reading