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Another minecraft seed awaits you, load this one up and this is the view (if you fly straight up) that will great you at the starting point. One of these screenshots is the view ahead of you and the other … Continue reading

Misty Mountain Minecraft Seed


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Alright, here’s the deal, and if you listen to this good advice, you will be happy you did. Step 1: Load up the seed I am about to discuss on Minecraft, quick pause the game, don’t look at it…just get the … Continue reading

Minecraft Seeds 1.2.4 | Dovahkiin

Well we have a new minecraft version 1.2.4, so make sure you update your client if you want to check out these new seeds.

Dovahkiin is a minecraft world seed for 1.2.4 that spawns you a ways from an NPC village.  The village can be found at X: 817 Z: 280.

There are a bunch of really cool mountain overhands and floating islands with lavafalls and waterfalls coming out of them at X: -5.2 Z: -409

Please let me know if you find anything else interesting in this seed!