#1 Minecraft Seed for 1.8 is……


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The question was posed to Reddit to answer what is the best Minecraft Seed, and while the response rate was not overwhelming, all I needed was one gem, and it produced that. So, thanks to FlameBoss20 who submitted this cool minecraft … Continue reading

Waterworld Village for MCPE


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Waterworld seed for PE minecraft. This world starts you right in a village that is on the water, there are walkways to get around the various buildings and lots of things to investigate.  It’s a cozy fishing village with a … Continue reading

Minecraft 1.0.0 Seeds | themethod


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themethod is a desert island minecraft seed.  My spawn point was X: -603 Z: -604.  There is basically only 1 tree and a single bamboo plant within a reasonable distance.  Can you survive?