seed: -6120648606982687686 minecraft


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Another minecraft seed awaits you, load this one up and this is the view (if you fly straight up) that will great you at the starting point. One of these screenshots is the view ahead of you and the other … Continue reading

Minecraft PE Seeds, Village Spawn, Mesa and Taiga Biomes


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This is the view from the spawn point, I didn’t move a muscle before snapping this screenshot. ┬áThis is for those of you who love to have a village to start exploring right out of the starting gate. There is … Continue reading

Minecraft Seeds 1.4.6 | -568688860


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The seed is called -568688860 The Version is 1.4.6 (can’t guarantee it works for older versions) The game is set to default biomes A new seed for minecraft version 1.4.6, Hooray! ┬áLots of good stuff in this one…as always let … Continue reading

Minecraft Stronghold Seeds


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Description: Strongholds FTW!! This seed contains an amazing stronghold. Its absolutely massive with caves systems and dungeons all around it. I found chests in the dungeons, as well as all different types of ores and mobs. Its too bad the … Continue reading