Minecraft PE Seeds: Surface Mineshaft and Dungeon


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Minecraft PE Seeds with a surface abandoned mineshaft and a dungeon maybe 50 blocks from the spawn point. You can actually see the surface mineshaft from where you start, just pivot 90 degrees until you are facing the mesa biome and … Continue reading

Minecraft Seeds 1.4.6 | -568688860


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The seed is called -568688860 The Version is 1.4.6 (can’t guarantee it works for older versions) The game is set to default biomes A new seed for minecraft version 1.4.6, Hooray!  Lots of good stuff in this one…as always let … Continue reading

Minecraft Seeds List | 4629091465175177150


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This minecraft seed 4629091465175177150 features a huge mushroom biome, perhaps the largest I have seen in the game so far.  It really is large, and worth checking out, tons of mooshrooms etc…   There is a surface dungeon in the desert … Continue reading