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The world code is: 1810074053

Tested on v1.5.2

[showmyads]You spawn in a jungle biome with a large desert ahead.  In the distance there is an NPC village, we will start there.  The coordinates for this village are X: 55 Y: 105 Z: 166.  There is no blacksmith here but there are some nice desert mountains in the background.  In addition, visible from this location, there is a desert temple slightly sunk in the sand.  The coordinates for the temple are X: 26 Y: 74 Z: 297.

Near the spawn point a jungle and swamp biome intersect.  If you trace the path of intersection you will eventually come across a jungle temple at X: -362 Y: 69 Z: 118

There is a surface dungeon with an enchanted book in it at X: 156 Y: 69: Z: -63…this is very close to the second village which does have a blacksmith this time.  There is also a second desert temple at X: 360 Y: 73 Z: -149.

If you dig down vertically at X: 766 Z: -99 there is a stronghold below.  There is a zombie spawner in the stronghold and it is has the enchanted book fortune 3 in it. I found surface diamonds and emeralds surrounding the stronghold, so if you explore for a bit you will find them as well.


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