Triple Village, Double Blacksmith, Minecraft PE Seed

Another EPIC minecraft seed for pocket edition.  This one features three, count them, one, two, three villages, all at the starting point.  Right where you start I took the screenshot below, you don’t know how big that village is going to span until you start to get closer, or in my case begin flying above it, it just goes on and on…not even three small villages, but they are 3 large multi-building ones and combined it looks like a massive minecraft city.Pocket Edition Seeds for Minecraft

[showmyads]I know, the spawn point screenshot just makes you think, okay there’s a village right there, its close and that’s cool, but its not crazy, I hope I don’t have to walk too far to find those other two villages that the title of this post promised, or perhaps is lying to me?  Maybe there is only this one village, maybe he meant three buildings?

NOPE, check out this next screenshot.Village seeds for minecraft

Huge right?  It is an absolutely staggering village, its super huge.  And not only is it big, but its got two, count them, one, two, blacksmith’s.  There were some emeralds in one of the chests.NPC Village for PE Seeds

And now the question is, what is the seed code for this epic triple village, double blacksmith, super minecraft PE seed? Well that is a good question.

Village Seed for minecraft PE

Why must he troll us so much? Muahahahaa.  Just kidding, the code is: 1388582293

Have Fun!


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