Village and Temple Minecraft Seed | 957537993

[showmyads]This 1.4.7 minecraft seed is 957537993 and is best played on the normal biome size setting.

There is a desert temple and village in the very same spot at X: -187 Y: 75 Z: 142  in the temple are 3 diamonds and 2 emeralds.  First time seeing these two features in the same location.  If you dig under the temple where the 4 chests are you will find a dungeon with two additional chests and a lot of spell books inside.

The dungeon (X: -204 Y: 54 Z: 151) has 5 enchanted books in it:

  1. 1. Aqua Infinity I
  2. 2. Silk Touch I
  3. 3. Bane of Arthropods V
  4. 4. Fire Aspect I
  5. 5. Efficiency V

Heading back up if we use a portal we can find a nether fortress right in this location the coordinates are X: -61 Y: 58 Z: 33.

If you are feeling adventurous there is a desert mountain village at X: -345 Y: 114 Z: -709. No blacksmiths building but still pretty nice with the sand mountains in the background.  There is a sandy dungeon at X: 62 Y: 60 Z: -759 the contents of this chest are pretty weak.

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