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Seed Name: -7492801512473941435
This seed was tested on Minecraft Version 1.6.4

Spawns you at X: -229 Y: 80 Z: 237 and in the distance you can see a desert village. Head over there!

There is a sprawling desert village with two visible surface dungeons and in the background you can see a Jungle.

Minecraft Village in the desert

The first dungeon has a double wide chest with 3 records and some bronze horse armor and some misc other items.

2 surface dungeons

The second dungeon has two iron and a bronze horse armor.

There is also a sunken desert pyramid temple but I blew up the chests before I could see what was in them so you will have to investigate that yourself.

There is a third dungeon at X: -619 Y: 89 Z: 396

jungle dungeon


There is a lot of other great features in this world, happy trails!

6 thoughts on “Village spawn with dungeons | Minecraft Seeds

  1. in the temple next to the village you can get 2 diamonds 20 gold 5 iron and a full set of steel armour and a steel sword (last two you can only get with railcraft).

  2. Seed: 5720467941020003155

    (Note: Generated on PS4 using the ‘classic’ map size)

    I generated a really nice map and found out it contains a lot of good stuff, including FIVE DIAMOND DEPOSITS near the spawn point! (plus another two diamonds in a crate in an abandoned mineshaft not far away). You spawn on the southern part of the map, and to the east there is a single chapel with a priest and small farm that would make a great shelter (just add a bed). Nearby there are some sugar cane plants with a small hole in the ground under the water at the edge that leads to the underground cave system filled with diamonds.

    The biomes include deserts (the villages are all located on deserts), taiga, jungle, a small mushroom island, and a small bit of swamp. Plenty of grass and woods and a couple mountains.

    The map also features three villages, located on the SW, NW, and NE corners of the map.

    There are a few dungeons. Zombie dungeons are located at (X: 257,Y: 24, Z: 282), (X: 289,Y: 38, Z: 341), and (X: 145,Y: 47, Z: 225 – inside a mineshaft that has a spider dungeon as well).

    The stronghold is located in the center of the map, at (X: 3, Z: 72 – dig straight down). It contains two large libraries, numerous jails and pathways, and of course, an end portal (that requires all eyes of ender, as none are already in place). Unfortunately, a cave system intersects parts of the stronghold but if it is entered by digging down the coordinates above, the path to the end portal will be clear and not require digging.

    Now… on to the DIAMONDS!!!

    The diamonds are located at the following coordinates:

    (X: 267, Y: 12, Z: 311) — Two deposits, on opposite walls.

    (X: 256, Y: 12, Z: 264) — Located on the ground.

    (X: 231, Y: 11, Z: 254) — Requires a bit of digging, not far from the previous spot.

    (X: 216, Y: 13, Z: 148) — Safe to dig down

    (X: 254, Y: 5, Z: 333) — Under a lot of lava… Use fire resistance potion

    (X: 133, Y: 42, Z: 229) — In a crate found in a mineshaft. Contains 2 diamonds.

    Hopefully everyone finds this useful.

    Happy Mining!

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