Village spawn with dungeons | Minecraft Seeds

Seed Name: -7492801512473941435
This seed was tested on Minecraft Version 1.6.4

Spawns you at X: -229 Y: 80 Z: 237 and in the distance you can see a desert village. Head over there!

There is a sprawling desert village with two visible surface dungeons and in the background you can see a Jungle.

Minecraft Village in the desert

The first dungeon has a double wide chest with 3 records and some bronze horse armor and some misc other items.

2 surface dungeons

The second dungeon has two iron and a bronze horse armor.

[showmyads]There is also a sunken desert pyramid temple but I blew up the chests before I could see what was in them so you will have to investigate that yourself.

There is a third dungeon at X: -619 Y: 89 Z: 396

jungle dungeon


There is a lot of other great features in this world, happy trails!


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