Waterworld Village for MCPE

Waterworld seed for PE minecraft. This world starts you right in a village that is on the water, there are walkways to get around the various buildings and lots of things to investigate. ┬áIt’s a cozy fishing village with a blacksmith (and a chest) inside it. When I started playing in this minecraft world the blacksmith was on fire, so I guess you better be quick before all the loots burn up.

THis PE seed for 0.1 spawns you near a village in the water

There are more pocket edition village seeds if you like.

Or you could just keep playing this one since its awesome. Oh…did I forget to tell you the seed name, well that’s tough you will just have to guess. I know there are centillions of permutations, but guess away, bet you can’t figure it out.

Right on the edge of the water is a fishing city

Just kidding, the seed name is: AcE

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