What are Minecraft Seeds?

What are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft Seeds are codes that the game uses to generate different worlds. They keep the terrain consistent and let players share interesting maps. Players can enter their own seeds either in text or numbers. So basically, if you enter the seed 111 and your friend enters the seed 111 you get to play the exact same map, but unless you are playing multi player than you will not be in the same world.  Confusing? Basically you get to play the same map using the same seed code but you can only play with your friend if you play on the same multi-player server.

Check out this video on how to enter minecraft seeds for PC, if you want to use seeds for pocket edition minecraft then watch the second video below, they are very similar, but not identical.

This is how to use minecraft seeds on pocket edition:

Why use Seeds?

Minecraft seeds have several practical applications. My favorite is that if you and a friend use the same seed you both get a world with the same terrain layout. You can even tell each other interesting coordinates found using the F3 key. Note that initial spawn points are usually the same but can vary depending on the Minecraft version or mods you are using.

Where can you get some seeds?

Right here of course! There are thousands upon thousands of seeds, but i’m only going to show you some of the best and some of my favorite minecraft seeds. If you have a favorite minecraft seed let me know and i’ll try it out, maybe even add it to the minecraft seed list.


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