What Minecraft Seed Should I Play?

Here at theMinecraftMethod.com we want to make your life easier, and more fun, and the way to do that is to help you find the minecraft seed that you are in the mood for, so here’s a guide that will help you determine what world will maximize your enjoyment!

Just click the image of the minecraft seed that looks the most fun to you, and we’ll give you some options of other good minecraft seeds for you to play that incorporate features from that image.  It’s that simple!

1. Ice Plains Biome (including Ice Plains with spikes and cold Taiga biomes)

The Ice plains biome and the rarer ice plains with spikes biomes are tough places to survive, there are minimal animals to hunt, and it snows frequently. The water tends to be covered in a single layer of ice, careful or you might fall in. Even the trees tend to be sparse with only the occasional oak tree, of course there are also some spruce trees. This is one of the hardest biomes to survive in, so be prepared…click on through to play some really fun snow biome minecraft seeds!

many biomes with a ravine


2. Extreme Hills Biome (Minecraft Mountains)

[showmyads]There are many variants of mountain biomes for minecraft, the main differentiation is the ground type, the height of the mountains, and what grows. But i’m grouping them all together and calling them minecraft mountain seeds for the sake of simplicity, some are hills and other are mountains. Don’t forget that if you fall you will take damage, so mountaineer with care. I would note that for most of the screenshots that I take I turn off the cloud cover, but many of these mountain seeds do reach into the sky, above the clouds, and the view really is well, stunning. Oh and one more thing, the extreme hills biome is the only naturally occuring spawn location for emerald ore, so for all you super miners out there who would rather mine the ore than search for chests all day, make sure you head this way.

In the mountain biome, large hills abound

3. Taiga Biome (Including Mega Taiga and Mega Spruce Taiga biomes)

Taiga minecraft biomes are really just fancy named forest biomes, again there are several variants of this minecraft seed type, but mostly what you will come to see in any of the variants are trees, many many spruce and oak trees. Animals can hang around in packs, in particular wolf packs are common in the tagia biome. The Mega Taiga has particularly tall trees and have wider trunks, its very recognizable, there is also a unique dirt block called podzol, but who cares, its just dirt right? I find these seeds hard to navigate in and get lost frequently without a compass, so keep your wits about you or those wolves might have a fresh meal.

[Minecraft 1.0.0 Seeds] 10082011 | Ravine

4. Plains Biome (couple of variants including Sunflower Plains)

Plains biome minecraft seeds are what you want to play if you like npc villages, while villages also spawn in the desert this is one of the few places where you can come across them.  In addition, it is one of the few places where horses spawn naturally, you can also find lava and water openings in the surface and cave entrances, there are many passive mobs as well. The sunflower plains variant is exactly what you would expect, its a plains biome with lots of sunflower in it.

Village in the meadow



5. Swampland Biome (only place to find witch huts)

Swampland biome minecraft seeds are really awesome, its unique and its also the only place you are going to be able to find witch huts, here’s a witch’s hut minecraft seed with 4 huts nearby. The other things in this biome that are unique are obviously the darker shading of the plants, ground and water, as well as the abundant mushrooms and sugar canes that grow. At night slimes spawn so it becomes a very inhospitable place to be during the evening, your best bet is to only venture to the swamp biome during the day.

witches huts are everywhere

6. Jungle Biome (and of course Jungle temples)

I won’t say that jungle biome minecraft seeds are uncommon, but they are less common than taiga, plains, desert, etc… They are really really difficult to navigate due to the dense trees and plants that grow here. There is also the exclusive jungle temple here that can not be found in any other biome, don’t forget to grab both chests when you are pillaging one. The trees here are unique as well, you won’t find any jungle trees anywhere else, other things you might want to look for are the melon spawn locations, always a tasty snack when you need something to eat.

View of a jungle temple

7. Mushroom Island Biome

Similar to mesa biomes, mushroom biome minecraft seeds are fairly uncommon, and they have a very unique feel to them. They are typically located next to the ocean so you will always have lots of good water supply. Of course its the only place to find mooshrooms.

Spawn right in the midst of the biome

8. Desert Biome

Desert biome minecraft seeds are some of my favorites to play, and the reason is that they have the most stuff in them. You can find villages, temples, and dungeons all at surface level meaning their is more loot in this biome than any other, by far. Oh right, one other thing that is exclusive to the desert biome are the desert wells, but they aren’t that interesting. Since the landscape is so open it makes seeing mobs at night very easy, which makes it easier to survive.

village and temple

9. Mesa Biome

Mesa biome minecraft seeds are rare, not extremely rare but not that common. One really cool feature only for pocket edition is the above ground mineshafts, you don’t get it anywhere else so all you folks with pocket edition minecraft make sure you check out the above ground mineshafts.  The mesa is made of various layers of hardened clay, and the visual effect is really pleasing, there are a few cacti but other than that there is very little growing and it can be an unforgiving biome to try and survive in.

Gotta loove that mesa mincrafters

10. Ocean Biome

This is where you need to go if you want to find underwater monuments, often the most fun ocean biome minecraft seeds are those with a desert island, where you can try and survive in a very unforgiving environment. Some of the islands have very few trees making your life all the more difficult.

Treeless Island, Time to Swim



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